Photographs by The Visual Partners

If you’re still around and want to know a little more about me please put yourself comfortable and feel welcome!

Hello! I’m Jessica, born in ’84, Aquarium and with a Tourism Major.

I’ve been organizing weddings for over 7 years now in a famous Events Company in Barcelona but right after having my baby I decided it was time to give it a try and go at it on my own, so here I am.

Despite being the only face you see in this website, behind me there are many people supporting and helping me in everything I do.

I’m very passionate about beautiful things, enthusiastic, creative, dreamy and decisive. I cry very easily about anything and my favorite movie is Up. Traveling and seeing the world is my biggest passion. I speaks many languages but I’m expert in none. My perfect Sunday is breakfast in bed and brunching. I’m sanely addicted to social media and sharing. I love spicy food and cooking, my carrot cake is specially delicious! Animals are my weakness, can’t see them hurt or abandoned. Playing with my little baby has fullfilled my life and I’m very, very dependent of my adventure colleague and love of my life, Jordi.

I’m sure there are many other things but better to leave them for when we meet. Let’s see each other soon!